About DSW

What is DSW?

Data Stewardship Wizard is a joint ELIXIR CZ and ELIXIR NL project bringing a simple but powerful solution for researchers to help them understand what is needed for good, FAIR-oriented Data Stewardship, to find ELIXIR experts to help out, and to build their own Data Management Plans. The DS Wizard can also function as a check list for data management professionals, like the checklists used by pilots before each flight.

Flow of Knowledge in DSW
DSW Logical Architecture


The main driver for the DSW is now to offer a convenient helpful tool for data stewards and researchers. Given a limited funding, we focus on this mission now. Howevever, from a long-term perspective, the richness of knowledge contained in the Wizard definitively calls for being FAIR. On this page we track the progress of compliance with the FAIR principles.

Machine-Actionable DMPs

We are part of the initiative http://activedmps.org/. Here, we will post updates on concrete steps, mostly with the respect to the identified use cases. The work on this front will continue according to our available capacity and funding.



  • Organization = An infrastructure, institution or a similar body that runs its own copy of DS Wizard. Identified by Organization ID.

  • Knowledge Model (KM) = An ordered collection of interlinked KM Items, from which a questionnaire is generated. Identified by a KM ID. May be customized and released as a package.

  • Questionnaire = A representation of a KM in a shape of a form for filling-in.

  • (DM/DS) Plan = A completed questionnaire.

  • KM Package = A distribution unit of a KM. Identified by a Package ID that consists of Organization ID, KM ID and Version. It can be exported/imported and further customized.

  • KM Root Package = A package with no ancestor packages.

  • Customization of KM = An ordered collection of changes of a knowledge model. Customization is distributed using packages.

  • KM Item = chapter / question / answer / reference / expert

  • Change of KM Item = adding / editing / deleting of a knowledge item

  • Migration of KM = upgrade of a KM with a newer version of the parent KM

DSW Modules

  • DS Wizard = Our portal solution for Data Stewardship Planning. It contains DS Planner and KM Editor.

  • DS Planner = A tool for interactive browsing and answering a questionnare.

  • KM Editor = A tool for customization of a KM and KM Package creation and publishing.